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The Bell


2:46 min.

Mycelium, Tbilisi, Georgia


Could one vote “against'' overpower thousands of “for” votes? Could the voice of bitterness, pain and despair be heard through the screams of propaganda and hatred? This question is raised by Varvara Grankova in her new work “the Bell”. Standing on the bell tower of one of the Moscow churches, she screams loudly, trying to shut down the ringing of the bells: their rhythm grows, turning into chaos, until it stops completely. The artist's voice is inaudible in this menacing and disturbing ringing, but we see how frantically tense her figure is, how furiously she tries to make herself heard. The work very accurately conveys modern Russian realities: official propaganda, supported by the authorities and the church, literally shuts the mouths of those who do not agree with the war launched by Russia in Ukraine on behalf of the Russians but against their will.

The ringing of bells refers not only to the problems of a church loyal to the authorities, with whose blessing the tragedy occurs. This is also a metaphor for the tocsin, an alarm signal that alerts people to danger: people, hear my voice, think again before it's too late.  Although the voices of protest calling for peace are drowned in a cacophony of propaganda aggression, we must remember that these voices exist. Even if we don't hear them.

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