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media installation

5 x 5 meters

Moscow Museum of contemporary art


Tangled maze inside of which voices are echoed, it creates speech polyphony, consonant with the ancient chorus of the ancient Greek tragedy - exposing the nuances of heroes’ conflicts and emotional experiences, assessing situations from the public morality point of view. On the one hand, the voices are united into a single hum, on the other hand, each voice is valuable in itself and represents a personal confession. In the Christian tradition, confession implies a secret dialogue with God. However, in our case, the viewer becomes a witness and an accomplice of the process of repentance, shares the secret, and therefore the guilt, taking on a part of the burden of responsibility. Allowing to "eavesdrop" on other people's monologues, the artist speaks of the absence of loneliness - a person is weak, but other people are equally weak, and everyone has their own sin in the past, the realization of it doesn’t allow us to throw stones at one another.

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