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Common story

media installation

5 x 3 meters

Moscow Museum of contemporary art


I like to know that I live in a big family. Here are my grandparents, parents, husband and daughter, uncle and his wife, two aunts and their own children, adopted children,

brother's wife… 

To me a family is an amazing connection, which is related not only to blood bonds, genetic code or official documents. Is there any resemblance in appearance between us? Maybe in some details: eyes, hair, arms, back ... Making these videos is also a way to get closer to my family. I tried to do it as delicately as possible. But if you go deeper - what unites us? What creates this connection? Shared memories, values, intentions? Everyone has their own life line, full of trials and mistakes, rebellion and searching, but yet I think I can this connection, feel the way our lives and destinies are weaved into shared story.

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