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21000 sm




Clothing is an integral part of any civilized culture. Clothing determines our mood and belonging to a particular culture or class. It can even determine and dictate our behavior in society: in spacious and comfortable clothes we can allow ourselves to be casual and free; in a business suit, we monitor the posture, what and how do we say.


The amount of clothing is noticed only when all the cabinets in the apartment are filled to capacity. We consume, use the benefits of the modern world and forget what is behind the production of material goods from the mass market.

Series of works «Thingism» uses the same material - unnecessary clothing brought by the audience, but every time in a new form.

A 20-meter tower made from unnecessary things brought to the Winzavod during the season clearly shows the scale of consumerism madness.

The first installation in series of works «Thingism»

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